5 commercials from Christmas Past

picture of boy and dolls

Here are just a few commercials that appealed to our Christmas hearts years ago.

Hardee's - "A Little Magic" (Commercial, 1985)

Hardee's jammed a couple of stuffed toys in their meals. And if you were lucky you got Rudolf.

I actually have two of these in my collection

Dumbo Hardees Doll from 1985

picture of elephant doll

Pinocchio Hardees Doll from 1985

picture of doll with pointed hat

K-Mart - "Your Christmas Saving Place" (Commerical, 1980)

Here's another Christmas commercial for K-Mart advertising the various things they have for sale.

Rapitape (Commercial, 1979)

How in the world will we ever use this darn scotch tape?! Rapitape - perfect for wrapping those Christmas gifts! Available at all: Walgreens & Osco Drug

Kodak - "New Dad At Christmas" (Commercial, 1979)

Here's a holiday commercial for Kodak. Part of their 100-year anniversary series of ads: 1880-1980. The mother is played by actress Valerie Mahaffey. She won an Emmy Award for her work as Adam's wife on the TV show Northern Exposure.

Hickory Farms - "We've Done Your Christmas Shopping For You" (Commercial, 1985)

Here's a Christmas commercial for Hickory Farms. The slogan is "We've Done Your Christmas Shopping For You". Did they? Did they really? :)

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