What I Sold! Toys, and games from my collection - Retro vlog

A look at some of the retro/vintage pop-culture items from my collection

I just wanted to look at some of the vintage toys, games, and illustrated books from my collection that people are interested in.

And at the end of the video, I show my daily webcomic diary.

picture of man holding a record album
What I Sold! Retro vlog screenshot

From the video

Famous ghost stories vinyl record

picture of record album cardboard sleeve

These are always fun, Famous ghost stories. It tells the classic ghost stories on the record and it comes with scary sounds to go along with it. 

This was on the Mr. Pickwick record label and then it's got a list of the stories and some drawings on the back.

Maybe you should fly a jet? Maybe you should be a vet? Children's book

picture of children's book cover and man's head behind it

Got this one here it's called "Maybe you should fly a jet? Maybe you should be a vet?" 

Who is author Theo Lesieg?

It's one of those "I can read it myself" books and it is by Theo Lesieg, which I found out through research not too long ago that actually is Dr. Seuss. That is one of his many pseudonyms. 

So when you see Theo Lesieg that actually is Dr. Seuss.

Can't Stop Board Game

picture of mane holding box with text

Here's a vintage game I'm actually unfamiliar with but it's a nifty box. The game is called "Can't Stop" and it really means it because it is written over and over again on the box artwork. 

Inside it's got this stop sign for a game board and you put little tiles on it to play. 

And that's the equivalent of what I know about the game. 

It's got the explanation on the back I just haven't read it.

Clue Game - Mini Travel Version

picture of game board with illustrations

This is kind of nifty, it's a travel game for the game Clue

It's this miniature version of the game. Inside is the little clue game board so you can travel with it. It's got the tiles, and all the pieces. I don't know I thought that was kind of nifty. 

So there you go! Those are the toys and games that I collect people were interested in today.

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