Sherlock Hemlock Book from Sesame Street in German 1973

picture of hardcover book with illustration man on it

Sherlocks Spurnasenschule Denken und Bedenken Sesame Street Book in German from 1973

This vintage Sesame Street illustrated children's book not only features one of the more unused characters these days Sherlock Hemlock who's like the detective guy. 

But it's in german so this is a german version of a Sesame Street book.

When I Google Translate the title it says it means "Sherlock's track nose school thoughts and concerns" Which seems like it's probably not right but I don't speak german.

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While Sherlock Hemlock made frequent appearances on the show in the 1970s and 1980s, in recent years he has been phased out in favor of newer characters. However, he is still a popular main character on Sesamstrasse, the German version of the show.

Here is a german version of  Sesame Street Segment featuring Sherlock Hemlock

Sherlock Hemlock is known for his humorous skits in which he tries to solve a mystery, only to discover that he is the culprit.

The entire book is in german so I don't know much about what's going on inside.

picture of children's book pages

picture of children's book pages

picture of children's book pages

In the book, there's Big Bird, Sherlock Hemlock and I want to say they're solving mysteries. 

Picture of children's book pages

Picture of children's book pages

I don't even know who the artist is because I don't know where to read for it. 

picture of children's book pages

picture of hardcover book back cover

But it's a great, even kind of off-brand 70's style.

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