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I take a look at some of the things that were sold from my vintage collection today

I'm going to go over some of the orders from my vintage collection. 

Each week I go out and collect items from the 50s through the 90s, toys, games, books... And then I sell them online.

Vintage Novelty Coffee Trivet "Ask for our free cup of coffee"

picture of man holding tile with text

First up is a household item called a trivet.

What's a trivet?

It was usually used to put a hot pot of coffee on a table so you wouldn't have to keep it in the coffee machine. When you weren't using it you could hang it on the wall. And a lot of them would have a funny little saying on them like "Bless this mess" or "Ask for our free cup of coffee". It's made out of iron and has a little piece of tile in it.

They were all over the place when I was growing up and now I don't see them too much anymore. 

Bafflers Mind Games Tin from 1987

picture of man holding large tin

From 1987 I have a tin of games called Bafflers.

I got it because it seemed interesting but i really had never seen this game before. It's a bunch of tiny little handheld game trays with mazes and tiny colored balls in them. 

All of them are just different types of puzzles in the sense that you have to move these marbles around in a certain way to do a certain task with them. On the back of each game tray is an illustration of how you win the game. 

It's a whole tin full of these games. 

Vintage Books "Who's in the egg?" and "Richard Scarry's Color Book"

picture of man holding books

I have two books that are actually going out today. One is a big golden book and the other is a small board book. 

Who's in the egg? Children's Book from 1970

picture of book cover with illustrations

First up is a book called Who's in the egg? 

The book was written and illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen. It's actually got some really cool artwork inside. 

It's kind of like it's painted ink? I'm not sure? It's hard to explain. But it's really cool! The artwork almost looks like it should be on a canvas and not on a children's book page.

It's the story about some kids who found eggs in a pond while it was raining. Then they started pondering "what's in an egg?" And where do eggs come from? 

It helps to explain how life happens I guess?

Richard Scarry's Color Book from 1976

picture of book cover with illustration artwork

Then we have the Color Book by Richard Scarry.

This is a board book meaning that all of the interior pages are made out of cardboard. These books are meant for much younger kids. 

This book teaches colors using the characters from Richard Scarry's Busy Town. These drawings are definitely a lot more like when the artist did the TV cartoon show. His work has changed very much over the years. 

Vintage Last Supper Frame Tray Puzzle

picture of man holding puzzle with artwork on it

I have a stack of puzzles that I've been collecting and one of them is a frame tray puzzle of The Last Supper.

The whole thing is in a frame tray you can piece together. There's no date on it so I'm not sure when it's from. The bottom just says "made in the USA. Last Supper". That is pretty much all the information I have on it.

Hit Parader Magazine from 1956

Picture of man holding magazine

I've been collecting a lot of old magazines. Here is one that's an old Hit Parader Magazine from 1956.

There was actually a Hit Parader magazine when i was growing up too. But it was like more of a heavy metal music magazine. 

The ads were the reason that I wanted to collect these. So I could cut out some of the old ads and use them for art projects.

Oh somebody drew in the magazine!

picture of magazine pages with people

It's got a devil face on one of the pictures. 

Sylvester the Cat Head Mug Looney Tunes 1992

picture of man holding mug with face on it

I have this 1992 Sylvester the Cat Mug from Looney Tunes that is shaped like the character's head. 

The funny thing is when you look at them straight on, his nose is blocking out his eyes. But the profile works. 

That's what sold!

So those are some of the vintage and pop culture items from my collection that I sold online today!

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