Last looks: 9 things I sold from my vintage collection today

picture of a bunch of vintage toys, games, books and records

You know from my videos that I love going out every weekend and hunting for vintage items games books and toys that I can collect.

But with all these things that I collect sometimes there are items I forget about.

That's why I enjoy the day that I ship out orders because I can take one last look at some of the cool items and the things that I possibly forgot about

I start off by collecting everything and putting it in a pile just to see if maybe there's a theme as to why these particular items all sold together in the same time span.

I have three children's fiction books I sold from the books category in my store from the series Goosebumps by RL Stine and The Littles as well.

picture of books

Also in the children's book department from the 70s an Illustrated book based on the television family The Waltons. And another one is called The Castles of the Two Brothers.

picture of vintage books

This grouping features of vintage beginner's organ & music book. And from the games section of my online store, a vintage Autobridge game and game piece replacements for the original Operation game.

picture of vintage book and games

picture of vintage card came

picture of box with game pieces inside

Then the final item is from the vintage novelty records section of my online store. This vintage children's LP called Western Songs for Children. Yeehaw! 🤠

picture of record cover

And here is the back with the other releases spelling out "LP". How clever! 😊

picture of vintage record back cover

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