1979 CBS "In The News" Segments

You forget how much Saturday morning programming executives thought they knew what was best for us. Including a news update just for kids.

In the News - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "In the News is a series of two-minute televised video segments that summarized topical news stories for children and pre-teens.

The segments were broadcast in the United States on the CBS television network from 1971 until 1986, between Saturday morning animated cartoon programs, 

alongside features like:

30th Anniversary DVD cover
30th Anniversary DVD cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Schoolhouse Rock and One to Grow On,
which aired on competing networks ABC and NBC, respectively. NBC would also go on to produce its own competing version called Ask NBC News."

On occasion, a special mini-documentary segment, In the Future, would be presented, examining events and technology that may exist in the near future.

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