Remco's - Baby Laugh'a'Lot - A Toy's Look at Terror

From 1971.

What could be a short film on madness is actually a toy commercial.

I give you Remco's - Baby Laugh'a'Lot

Remco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The name Remco comes from the two words "Remote Control".

In the mid-1960s, Remco acquired several licenses for popular culture groups and TV shows and proceeded to make a variety of toys. Some of these were the Beatles, the Monkees, Lost In Space, The Munsters, Batman and Star Trek. One popular toy in the early 1960s was the 24 inch long functioning scuba diver with mask, knife, utility belt, rifle, walkie-talkie, air tanks, and floating location bouy.

The company was known by toy collectors for their many Universal Monsters figures produced during the 1980s.

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