Moments from The Electric Company I still remember to this day

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Moments from the electric company I still remember to this day.

Electric Company was essentially like SNL for children. For most of my generation it was our first introduction to guys like Mel Brooks and Morgan Freeman. Ah, back in the days back when stoners wrote "children's TV" without irony, just fun.

Spider-man meets the wall

Spider-Man fought one of his oldest arch-enemies... THE WALL?!? That's right, The Wall.
I liked how spider-man didn’t speak on these segments.

Vincent the Vegetable Vampire

Morgan Freeman's vampire character goes vegetarian.

Love of Chair

More about pants really. But still bizarre

Easy Reader Song

Morgan Freeman and Rita Moreno get their song on. A similar tune was used later as "One Word Comes After Another", with the same basic concept.

Electric Company Shadowbox

And of course the classic shadowbox segment where they pronounce words together.

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