Sherlock Hemlock & Great Twiddlebug Mystery Retro Book Illustration Artwork Sesame Street from 1972

image of vintage children's book cover on white background

Possibly one of my favorite sets of book illustrations and the artist's name isn't even listed, all just to keep up with the gag of the story! Just says it was told by the muppet Betty Lou from the story.

In the early years, Betty Lou was a minor character who was performed by whoever was available to perform her. She seemed to appear more in books than on the show.

Sherlock Hemlock first appeared in Season 2 of the show, looking for the missing half of Ernie's chicken salad sandwich. Clues revealed that Sherlock himself ate half of the sandwich.

When he does find a clue, he often shouts, "Egad!" Often signaled by a series of dramatic stings on a piano.

This book was based on the segment that happened on a season 2 episode of Sesame Street. Sherlock Hemlock tries to figure out why there is a mess outside. He speculates that the Twiddlebugs made a mess after a Twiddlebug dance.

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