6 Retro Saturday Morning Cartoons I can't believe were real

Somehow these shows actually made it to production on air.

picture of old tv on a table
Grundig Colour TV picture - via Flickr

Sometimes you see things that spoof what kid’s cartoons were like in the past. They seem ridiculous like they could never have been on television. Well, most of the time they kinda were.

The Super 6 - (1968)

The Super 6 were not a traditional team, like the Mighty Heroes were, rather they were all part of Super Service, a superhero agency where trouble calls were received. The Chief, a Louie De Palma for an earlier age, would take the calls in his dispatcher's booth and send the most appropriate, or in the hero Super Bwoing's case - most available. 

Many other superhero types were frequently seen in the Super Service offices, waiting around for assignments though they rarely took part in the stories.

Super President - (1968)

Yup, Super President. In the cartoon, President James Norcross is given superpowers as the result of a cosmic storm. The President now has increased strength and morphing abilities.

The show was canceled midway through its second season on NBC because critics and TV watchdog groups had issues with its depiction of a national leader who was an invincible superhuman.

Misterjaw - (1976)

The primary goal of Misterjaw and Catfish was to catch Harry Halibut. The duo were pursued by Fearless Freddy the Shark Hunter.

The cartoon, believe it or not, was created to cash in on the popularity of the Jaws movie that had just come out.

The Barkleys - (1972)

It was the Saturday morning cartoon version of All in the Family... except they were dogs.

If Arnie Barkley's voice sounds familiar, it’s Henry Corden. He was the voice of Fred Flintstone after Alan Reed, who originally voiced Flintstone died in 1973.

Bailey's Comets - (1973)

An animated Roller Derby race around the globe. It was created by DePatie-Freleng the team behind the Pink Panther cartoons.

Here Comes the Grump (1969)

The main character was a small, grumpy wizard who put a spell of melancholy on the kingdom of Princess Dawn. The Princess and her friend Terry Dexter (a boy from the "real" world) searched for the Cave of the Whispering Orchids to find a crystal key to break the spell, while the Grump tried to stop them.

A recurring gag was that at the very last minute when the Grump was about to catch up with Princess Dawn, the Dragon would sneeze and burn the little wizard.

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