This cost me $300? Thrifting Day Trip - Tom Ray's Day Vlog

My weekend adventure looking for vintage and pop-culture stuff to collect.

On the weekends I go to estate sales to find vintage and retro things to sell online. 

Sometimes I end up traveling to other towns to do this. 

This time I spend over $200 bucks on a haul before even leaving town. Then I travel an hour and a half away and find some of the coolest vintage toys, illustrated books and games for my collection. 

I also tell some stories about a guy that got upset that I took all the illustrated children's books.

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From the video

Started out at a sale in a house out in the suburbs.

picture of guy with box of books next to a car

I did not expect to clean out a whole closet full of books.

Still needed to travel to the place we were actually planning to go to in the first place that was in a town we couldn't remember the name of an hour and a half away. 

picture of two people inside a car

An hour and a half later...

The place only opens like one weekend a month. It used to be a restaurant and bar and has a huge skylight.

picture of building skylight with tree and wedding dress

I was surrounded by even more vintage toys and illustrated books!

picture of a guy surrounded by vintage books

Then drove back home to take a look at all the stuff that I picked up. Watch the video and see me get really excited about spending $300 bucks!

picture of guy behind a box holding vintage puzzle by a bookshelf

See the whole day in the video at the top of this post!

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