What sold today: Person wanted book shipped "handle with care", cracked me up!

I look at some of the vintage and retro items I sold online in this video.

In the video, I go through my collection of vintage items to grab some of the vintage/retro things that I need to pack up and ship to people.

Some of the items in the video.

Vintage Alfred Hitchcock book the Haunted Houseful

picture of guy holding book

Vintage Peanuts comic picture maker

picture of vintage toy box

Vintage Playskool farm set cow toys

gif of man holding toy cows

Vintage illustrated book Little Boy Blues Horn

picture of guy holding vintage book

Vintage Sweet Valley High Book Secrets

picture of guy holding paperback book

Vintage Illustrated Frame Tray Puzzle

picture of guy holding a frame tray puzzle

Vintage illustrated book Disney's Goofy's Gags

picture of man holding book

Vintage Holly Hobbie Doll

picture of guy holding doll

Penny Brite fashion doll

picture of guy holding doll

Vintage illustrated rooster print

picture of a guy holding a paper print

Vintage book cartoon drawing for beginners

picture of guy holding a book

See more about the items in the video at the top of this post!

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