What I sold! Vintage and retro stuff people collect - Retro Vlog

Vintage toys, books games, and more... Let's take a look at what sold!

Just a few retro/vintage pop-culture items to share with you today that sold. As fun as it is to collect these toys, books, and games it's also fun to revisit things I forgot about as I resell them online.

And at the end, I show my daily webcomic diary.

A sneak peek inside the video:

GI Joe lunch box from the 1980s

Image of a man holding a lunchbox
GI Joe Lunchbox

It's a plastic GI Joe lunch box from the 80s. It's got the metal clasp and not the weird little plastic hook they changed to that would always break.

This GI Joe decal is the artwork is on the front, it actually has the wrestler Sergeant Slaughter on it who they added to the cartoon from WWF professional wrestling. He had become one of the GI Joe members. 

The artwork on the lunchbox is more of the comic book style rather than the cartoon style.

Walt Disney Dopey Canvas Book from 1938

picture of guy holding an illustrated book

The entire book is made out of a canvas material. Inside there's printed paintings of Walt Disney's Dopey from the movie Snow White.

The book is from 1938 and inside are printed paintings with a story on this canvas that was bent into a book.

I thought that was kind of neat! I've never seen it before.

Frank Carle - Encores Album

picture of a guy holding record album

This is actually something that is going overseas. The music of Frank Carle, he's a jazz pianist. They spelled out his name all art deco-ey "Frank Carle". It's a set of 78 RPM records. It's a box set of four of them.

President Jimmy Carter Thermal Mug

picture of mug in a hand

Part of a collection of thermal wear mugs of American Presidents. This one is of President Jimmy Carter.

It says the 39th president, it's got a clear handle, it's plastic it's just got the picture wrapped inside of that plastic.

I'm amazed we don't make these types of mugs today? Because they look like something that would be really easy to mass produce online.

Minnie Mouse Bank 1980s

Picture of a guy holding plastic mouse with pink polka dots

I have two of these banks, a Mickey Mouse bank and a Minnie Mouse bank. They sold but to two different people.

It seems kind of weird to break them up! It's like, now she's gonna be all alone somewhere else. It's still got the tag on it from the 80s. Just a cool little Minnie Mouse Bank.

Mixing Faces Game 1970s

Picture of guy holding yellow box with illustrations on it

This is a game called Mixing Faces this is from the 1970s. It has 24 cards that are different sections of a person's head from the top, middle, and bottom.

That's literally all it is! It's just these illustrated faces and that was the game. The concept was to make funny faces and it was for children. Self explanatory, Mixing Faces.

Raggedy Ann and Andy - The tunnel of lost toys book from 1980

picture of guy and book with illustrations on it

This is a book that was based on a cartoon tv special featuring Raggedy Ann and Andy.

The illustrations are by Vernon McKissack. It's from 1980 and it's got an 80s style for sure. It actually kind of looks like the Rikki Tikki Tavi cartoon from back then.

The cover has some neat dark colored artwork.

Schlitz Beer Can Bank from the 1970s

Picture of a guy holding a beer can with logo

It's a coin bank made to look like a can of Schlitz beer and the flat top cans like they used to have. 

It's got the logo and it's even the way they used to make the tin beer cans where it's got the seam on the side.

So that's a look at some of the vintage and retro stuff that people are interested in today!

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