Some small-sized vintage illustrated book cover artwork from over the years

Vintage children's book art illustration inspiration

Today I take a look and some of the smaller-sized old children's books from my collection.

Fun At The Beach From 1966

First, the smallest of the bunch is from a Whitman series.

It was written by Gloria Trachenberg and the pictures and illustrations are by Dagmar Wilson. The book is part of a series of tiny tot tail books small books for young readers with tiny hands. In this book mother tells her two boys they will pack a lunch and go to the beach today. The boys take a ride to the beach and do many things in the summer sun.

Vintage Book Sesame Street The Invention Of Paper From 1975

This Sesame Street book features Ernie as the cave King and Sherlock Hemlock as the smart person. 

The book was written and illustrated by Daniel Wilcox

In this book, once upon a time, some cave people lived long before anything important had been invented. Their King was Ernie. He loved to get letters but they were written on rocks and always fell on his feet.

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Sesame Street Sherlock Hemlock From 1972

Another Sherlock Hemlock book from Sesame Street. This one is in modern times. It also has an extended title, "Sherlock hemlock and the great twiddle bug mystery or the mystery of the terrible mess in my friend's front yard".

Another tell-a-tale series of books and features two of Jim Henson's Muppets from the Sesame Street television show, Betty Lou and Sherlock Hemlock. Look for clues and figure out what happened in this story as Betty Lou discovers a terrible mess in her friend's yard and tries to figure out how it happened.

The Witch's Vacation From 1974

This book was written by and illustrated by Norman Bridwell. This is also the author behind the Clifford the Big Red Dog series of books.

There's a witch that lives next door and two children are her friends. But one summer the kids went to camp and the witch decided to follow them there. 

Along with the story are inked illustrations that have light blue highlight colors.

Slowpoke At The Circus From 1973

This book was written by Kay Richardson and the pictures and illustrations are by Ruth Ruhman.

It is from the tell-a-tale book series for children Original Stories to entertain young readers. In the book, Kathy was a little girl who always took her time. But she noticed things. One day the circus came to town and all of the seats were taken when she got there because she walked so slowly.

The Roadrunner And The Bird Watchers From 1968

The book was written by Jean Lewis and the pictures and illustrations are by Phil DeLara.

I love these books that feature Looney Tunes characters. This one has Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner.

In the story, the coyote is competing in a desert race in his new sports car. It's being televised and during the race the roadrunner whizzes past him. The book also has bugs Bunny and Sylvester the cat making an appearance.

Noah And The Ark From 1967

The story is told by Devere Ramsey and the pictures and illustrations are by Leslie Gray. The book is based on the Bible story of Noah in the ark.

Learning To Count With 12 Elves From 1972

This book was written by Joanne Wylie and the pictures and illustrations are by Joe Giordano.

It's about learning to count from 1 to 12 using verse to emphasize the numerals on each page with the assistance of funny little elves making comments along the way.

The elves are drawn in colorful unique illustrations that kind of remind me of classic greeting card style.

The Magic Clothes Basket From 1969

This story was written by Sharon Thomas and the pictures and illustrations are by Bonnie and Bill Rutherford.

A little boy named Paul had all kinds of toys but Paul's favorite toy of all was his mother's clothes basket when he sat in there he could imagine anything he wanted to be.

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