Obscure large vintage illustrated children's book covers from the past

Sometimes when I collect vintage illustrated books I run across some I'm not familiar with. Here are a few of them!

Vintage Book Birds From 1973

The book is written by Clara Hussong and the pictures and illustrations are by Marjorie Hartwell. This book is part of a golden exploring Earth book series that features different biology and science subjects for kids. They lead readers on exciting expeditions for young nature lovers. This book features over 90 different birds found in the woods, open fields, marshes, and how to attract them to your home.

Vintage Book The Magic Friend Maker From 1966

The book was written by Gladys Baker Bond and the pictures and illustrations are by Stina Nagel. The book is part of a small world library series of books. Books that had imaginative stories for young readers. The world is full of surprises when one is very small none more overwhelming none more delightful than the discovery of a best friend.

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Vintage Book I Think About Jesus From 1958

The book was written by Kate Smallwood and the pictures and illustrations are by Esther Friend. This is a book that uses Bible verses and illustrations to teach young readers about Christianity and reading. The book has large text and along with that text are colorful illustrations of two children in reference to the Bible verses on the page.

Vintage Book Chuckle Book Jokes And Riddles From 1971

It is a collection of jokes and riddles compiled into a book and features pictures and illustrations by one of my favorite children's book artists Mel Crawford. These illustrations show the subjects of the joke book along with ones where the drawings are two characters telling the joke to each other. They are illustrated and colored in a full-color watercolor design.

Vintage Book Just A Like Princes From 1966

The book was written by Pauline Palmer Meek and the pictures and illustrations are by Joanna Poehlmann. Everyone knows that princes are quite special people that live in Royal palaces. Would you have suspected that when it came to getting along with each other these two princes were like little boys everywhere. Sometimes they fought. Along with the story in this book are unique inked illustrations with minimal pastel colors to go along with it.

Vintage Book Santa Mouse From 1966

The book was written by Michael Brown and the pictures and illustrations are by Elfrida DeWitt. There once lived a little mouse who didn't have a name in a big house all by himself. He would daydream he had playmates. Then one day he dreamed while he was in bed that he met Santa Claus.

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