Favorite Children's Book Artwork The Hair Book by illustrator Roy McKie 1979

I love the illustrations and artwork in children's books and one of my favorites is by Roy McKie

Illustrated children's book "The hair book" this one is a "beginner I can read" book that's by one of my favorite illustrators Roy McKie.

In an interview, McKie talked about working on books with Dr. Seuss:

When it came to the drawings for his books, Dr. Seuss "liked to look at it from a child's point of view," McKie explains. "It didn't matter how many lines there were" because he wasn't concerned with shading, depth, realism. Dr. Seuss went for the basic image, the simplest representation of a dog, a tree, a house that a child would recognize, McKie says.

What I love about this book is it's like they just said make some interesting drawings and give them weird hair and we'll write a story about it! 

pictures of book pages with people heads

picture of children's book pages

picture of book pages with illustrations

McKie recalled how his illustration work for and friendship with legendary Random House publisher Bennett Cerf (whose artwork I also love) led to an introduction to “Ted” Geisel, who was looking for an illustrator.

pictures of book pages with illustrations

picture of book pages with illustrations

picture of book pages with illustrations

And that's what it's about! Different types of hairstyles from animals to people and all kinds of stuff. But I'm always a fan of the Roy McKie artwork in books.

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