Paddington Bear Artist Draws for Alfred Hitchcock's Digest Book Ghostly Gallery from 1962

picture of book cover

Alfred Hitchcock's Digest Book Ghostly Gallery from 1962

Alfred Hitchcock's ghostly gallery is a book that features 11 spooky stories for young readers from 1962.

First of all the illustrations in it are by Fred Banbury and they are amazing!

picture of pages in a book

picture of illustration

picture of book back cover

The Illustrator for this Alfred Hitchcock Book drew the Paddington Bear books

Fed Banbury was an illustrator, most famous for illustrating the "Paddington Bear" series of children's books oddly enough in 1958, a few years before this book came out. Which seems weird but I love it!

The book itself is a collection of different stories by different authors with spooky titles like:

  1. Miss Emmeline Takes Off (Walter Brooks)
  2. The Valley of the Beasts (Algernon Blackwood)
  3. The Haunted Trailer (Robert Arthur)
  4. The Upper Berth (F. Marion Crawford)
  5. The Wonderful Day (Robert Arthur)
  6. The Truth About Pyecraft (H.G. Wells)
  7. Housing Problem (Henry Kuttner)
  8. In A Dim Room (Lord Dunsany)
  9. Obstinate Uncle Otis (Robert Arthur)
  10. The Waxwork (A.M. Burrage)
  11. The Isle of Voices (Robert Louis Stevenson)

Here is what I think is just so brilliant about what Alfred Hitchcock does here. He just writes an intro to it and then the rest of the book is a digest of collected authors.

The short stories also have cool two-tone illustrations in them to represent something in the chapters written by different mystery and suspense authors.

picture of book pages with illustration

Picture of book pages with illustration

I think those are pretty nifty. I used to read some of these books when I was younger.

And of course, In Hitchcock's first-person introduction to this book, he describes himself as a "ghost host" and he begins his monologue with his two-word catchphrase: "Good evening."

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