I thought this book was Star Wars / Star Trek fan fiction

I found a vintage book that used Star Wars and Star Trek to explain Christianity

picture of paperback book with Darth Vader and Spock

I found a book called star wars star trek and the 21st-century Christian from 1978.

When I first found it I didn't read the full title so, at first glance, I just saw the picture of Darth Vader and Spock on the cover and thought it was a fan fiction novel.


I assumed it was something someone wrote that combined the characters from Star Wars and Star Trek and thought that was interesting.

picture of paperback book title page

When I got home and opened the book, I read the title page and realized that's not what it was at all!

It's a self-published book written by Winkie Pratney. It turns out Winkie is involved with a ministry and a motivational speaker.

picture for paperback book table of contents

It seems he wrote this book to explain the concept of the Evangelical Christian worldview in the Star Wars and Star Trek universes.

It has chapters called:

  • Star War One
  • Where no man has gone before
  • The new Musketeers
  • Sir Luke, we need you now
  • May the force be with you

picture of paperback book page with text

The book is actually written in free verse and dedicated to George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry, and Jesus.

picture of paperback book page with text

Some of the blurbs from the book are written as:

Wouldn't it be wonderful

If there really was a Force?

Something of great and awesome power

Available to anyone anywhere at any time!

Who would pay the price to learn of its ways and surrender to its direction?

picture of paperback book pages with text

Picture of paperback book pages with text

Another Verse from the book:

Long, long ago, in a galaxy not far away,

It was written

"The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by Force"

Picture of paperback book pages with text

There are no pictures inside the book but I'm curious how he was able to use the images on the front cover?

Picture of paperback book back cover

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