What I sold! Retro Vlog: Honkers, Joe Cool and more

I take a look at some of the vintage retro items in my collection

Today, let's look at a few of the retro/vintage pop-culture books, games, and toys I sold from my collection. Got a few toys like Sesame Street Honker dolls who I guess are born from eggs? Then a Snoopy Joe Cool doll and more illustrated books and games too.


Selling vintage toys books and games

Here is a breakdown of the video;

The patchwork girl of OZ

picture of book with illustration artwork

First up is a vintage book that was originally printed in 1930 but was reprinted later on. 

It's got the original dust jacket even though it's in rough shape it's not fully attached. 

But the artwork and everything are really cool. 

The patchwork girl of oz is just another character in the wizard of oz.

Teddy Ruxpin books and cassettes

picture of book with drawing on it and tape cassette

Next up is another set of books but they also have a cassette with them. 

I found an entire set of Teddy Ruxpin books that come with cassettes. 

These tapes could actually be put inside Teddy Ruxpin which was the doll. His mouth would move when these cassettes were put in. 

Bedtime bible stories for children's book

picture of book cover with artwork

These are bedtime stories which are what a lot of the books that I have are. 

This one is specifically for the bible.

While you're getting ready for bed there's the story of adam and eve some really cool illustrations and watercolor inside it. 

Honkers muppets from Sesame Street 

picture of man holding a purple doll

I did research on this and it is a honker. Also, I didn't realize this his nose honks which the actual muppets of these do. They didn't speak they just honked their noses.

In the article that I read about them that they're born from eggs so they hatch from eggs so maybe that was a thing on Sesame Street, I don't remember.

Babar Plush Doll 1970s

picture of man holding a stuffed elephant doll

A 1970s version of Babar. It's an elephant with a hat based on the character from the children's books.

Pinup puzzle of Miss Piggy in Hawaii

picture of man holding puzzle box

A Pinup puzzle of Miss Piggy in Hawaii and it says aloha. It's got 70 pieces, it's a tiny little puzzle. I always thought it was weird that they would pose Miss Piggy like this for things. Because to set these up it's really just a bunch of people posing a doll and dressing it up and putting makeup and clothes on it. That kind of makes me laugh.

Raggedy Ann and Andy plastic bank 

picture of arm holding bank with two people on it

At first, when I got this, I thought it was maybe a radio? Then I saw the different slots for the coins on the top. So the different sizes for each kind of coin that you would put in and I guess it would play sounds when you would put in a particular coin.

Mother Goose Illustrated Children's Book

picture of man holding book with artwork on it

There are so many different publications of mother goose stories. I keep getting them and the artwork in them is always really cool.

This one is from 1961 and I love it! It has the stories, the old woman that lived in a shoe, Ba ba black sheep, the queen of hearts. 

Flintstones book and record

picture of man holding book with illustrations on it

It doesn't have the record so it's just a book that's supposed to come with it. 

It's a Peter Pan record label book series and inside, these are my favorite, these are the ones where they're kind of a little off-brand artistically. They take a little bit more liberties with the coloring and the way that they draw the characters. 

Walt Disney's Pinocchio book 

picture of man holding children's illustrated book

This one is an older version of Pinocchio. Like the Flintstones book, the drawings are not just taking scenes from the movie. They have drawings only found in this book.

Joe Cool Snoopy Doll 1971

picture of man holding stuffed dog toy

This is a character where Snoopy is a cool guy I guess? I knew what joe cool was, I knew it was snoopy with sunglasses and he would wear a shirt that says "joe cool" but I have no reference as to why did he did it? 

It's a Game! It's a bank! Toy 

picture of box with illustrations on it

This one's still in the box and I'm not entirely sure if it needs to come out of the box? But it's a game called "It's a bank! The buck stops here" 

If you open the box at the top there's a part where you put in a coin. It goes down the chute and it goes from the person's arm which has a lever like a pinball. You punch that lever which moves both the arms on this side. Then after you do that it goes over to the other arm and you hit this lever and it lands on this guy's little glass shelf.

I think the whole thing's neat! I remember these little arms from when I was a kid. 

That's a look at all of the retro and vintage things that I sold today! 

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