Who invented My Little Pony? With book artwork from 1984

 My Little Pony and a children's mini-book from 1984

picture of children's Book cover artwork with pony

The artist who created My Little Pony

My little pony was originally created by Bonnie Zacherle. Bonnie is an American illustrator and designer.

Why did Bonnie Zacherle Make My Little Pony?

Bonnie got the idea for the original concept called "My Pretty Pony" because she said, "A pony was the only thing I ever wanted".

Bonnie was working as an illustrator at Hasbro toys and had the responsibility to come up with ideas for kids’ products.

picture of children's book artwork pages

Bonnie came up with drawings of miniature, realistic horses. The marketing director at Hasbro had other ideas, suggesting things like using pink and purple colors for them.

picture of children's book artwork pages

My Little Pony was originally called My Pretty Pony

Originally titled "My Pretty Pony", Bonnie's design was first introduced as a 10-inch pony doll to the market. But didn't last long.

They made smaller toys and rebranded them as "My Little Pony" because they were smaller.

picture of children's book artwork pages

The phenomenon of My Little Pony began with adorable Pony toys that were introduced in 1983.

My Little Pony Toy Commercial 1983

picture of children's book artwork pages

They put out two promotional My Little Pony mini-books

  • My Little Pony at the Country Fair
  • My Little Pony and the New Friends

picture of children's book back cover

Fun fact

Bonnie Zacherle's uncle, John Zacherle, was an American television host, radio personality, and voice actor. He is best known for the comedy monster music spoof album "Dinner with Drac" in 1958.

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