1969 Johnny Cash And Tammy Wynette, The King and Queen - Magazine Ad

Johnny Cash and Tammy Wynette order by mail album advertisement from 1969

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When I'm out looking for things to add to my vintage pop-culture collection. I like to pick up interesting albums and magazines too.

Sometimes those paths cross and I find a great vintage advertisement that is also for music. Like this one featuring Johnny Cash and Tammy Wynette!

It's for an album of songs by both musicians called "King and Queen" from 1969.

Picture of album cover with man and woman on it
King and Queen Album Cover from 1969

I have seen this album for sale on eBay as well in the past.

From the 1969 Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette Magazine Ad

Here is some text from the advertisement to re-live those days when all we could do was wonder what the album was before buying it! 😊

Here they are...the King and Queen!


40 All-Time Great Hits on 4 Deluxe Stereo Records


and if you decide to it's yours for only $4.50 A Month until the total cost of $12.95 plus mailing and handling is paid


THEY'VE finally done it! Johnny Cash and Tammy Wynette have combined all their top hits... all their record-breaking singles... into one big round-up of a set. That's right... here's the collection you've been waiting for... here are 40 all-time great hits like Johnny's original recording of "I Walk The Line" and the best-selling "Folsom Prison Blues," plus "Don't Take Your Guns To Town," "The Long Black Veil" and "Frankie's Man, Johnny" Here's Tammy's favorite, "Stand By Your Man" and her top-of-the-charts hit "D-I-V-O-R-C-E, along with "I Don't Wanna Play House," "Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad" and "Take Me To Your World"... all in one colossal set. And it's only available through this offer you won't find it in stores anywhere! The set is called THE KING AND QUEEN.... what better name for a collection of hits by Tammy and Johnny? And it can be yours for years of enjoyment for only $12.95.


Best of all, you can hear the set... play it yourself in your own home for 10 full days before you decide to buy. When the collection arrives, sit down and listen to "Locomotive Man" "The Ballad Of Boot Hill," and "Happiness Is You"-Johnny at his best. And wait till you hear Tammy doing "I Stayed Long Enough," "Cry" and "The Phone Call"-you'll know why she's called "The Queen."

To hear the set in your home for 10 days, just fill out and mail the coupon at the left...we'll mail you the set immediately. We'll also send a FREE bonus gift along with THE KING AND QUEEN. It's a 12" LP album called Top Pop Country, with 12 more of your all-time favorites-all hits, including "I Love How You Love Me," "Gentle On My Mind," and "These Boots Are Made For Walking"


When the records arrive, sit down and play them... enjoy them for 10 full days-entirely at our expense. Then, if you can bear to part with them, just return the albums to us-you'll owe absolutely nothing. On the other hand, if you decide to keep THE KING AND QUEEN, it's yours for only $4.50 a month until the total cost of $12.95 plus mailing and handling is paid. And Top Pop Country is yours, too, as our bonus gift for getting this wonderful set. 

Mail the coupon now. you've got a great set coming... a great bonus album... and you're under no obligations whatsoever.

Album Song List

Here is the list of songs from the album

  1. I Walk The Line
  2. Green, Green Grass Of Home
  3. Five Feet High And Rising
  4. The Sons Of Katie Elder
  5. Happiness Is You
  6. The Ballad Of Boot Hill
  7. Don't Take Your Guns To Town
  8. Folsom Prison Blues
  9. Girl In Saskatoon
  10. The Long Black Veil
  11. D-I-V-O-R-C-E
  12. Set Me Free
  13. Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
  14. My Elusive Dreams (Vocals - David Houston)
  15. Kiss Away
  16. I Don't Wanna Play House
  17. It's All Over (Vocals - David Houston)
  18. Don't Make Me Now
  19. Take Me To Your World
  20. I Stayed Long Enough

Man! Older ads really had to work hard

That is a lot of text trying to convince us, wasn't it!

I still might have cut out the little coupon in the ad and sent it in though. It does seem pretty awesome.

This was a pretty cool print to find.

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