ABC is for Christmas book illustrations by painter Sally Augustiny from 1974

A look at the Christmas book paintings of Sally Augustiny

picture of book cover with illustration and Santa Claus

I added this vintage illustrated book to my collection called ABC is for Christmas from 1974.

Not only is it a book that teaches kids learning to read but it uses the theme of Christmas to do it.

The thing that really stood out for me? The artwork in the book.

picture of book pages with illustrations

The artwork is by Sally Augustiny. I was really into the style that Sally used for the artwork.

Full full-page elaborate illustration type of painting in the sense that it was painted but it had a commercial art type of style used in the magazines of the time period of the 1960s.

picture of book pages with illustrations and letters

picture of children's book pages with illustration of a donkey

When I looked for more information about Sally Augustiny online as an artist I didn't find much. But I did see a lot of people selling paintings that the artist had made.

The paintings were also very unique like the ones in this book.

picture of book pages with illustrations and letters

picture of book pages with illustration of people

This picture of the family skiing is very much the type of painting I found that Sally Augustiny made from their personal work.

I'm always curious to know how artists like this get a job doing children's book illustrations. The only other artist I have found who made children's book art and commercial artwork was Mel Crawford.

picture of book back cover with illustrations

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