Garfield Bean Bag Doll and more! What I Got! Tom Ray's Pop Culture Roadshow

I'm gonna take a look at some of the things that I got for my vintage pop-culture collection today

I ended up driving around to two different places today looking for vintage toys, games, and books to add to my collection.

In the video, I show you some of the things I found today!

Showdown Poker Game

picture of man holding game box

Oddly enough my parents love to gamble and I don't know a lot about like poker and card games and things like that. I still got this game anyway. It seemed cool, I liked the box, and it has some neat little illustrations on it.

Vintage Disney Pluto & Thumper Dolls

picture of man holding toy dog and toy rabbit

I found two vintage Disney dolls. One is Pluto and the other is Thumper from Bambi. 

These are really neat and they have older Disney world tags on them

Vintage Illustrated Children's Shape Books

picture of man holding books with illustrations

A bunch of really cool shape books. Shape books are the ones where you have the cover illustration and the book is cut out like the shape of that illustration on all the pages inside. 

Vintage Four-Color Gold Key and Whitman Comics

picture of man holding comic books

A stack of old Gold Key and Whitman comics. I love the weird gold key comics of different TV and cartoon characters. 

Vintage Beverly Hillbillies Comic

picture of man holding comic with illustrations

I already loved the show but I've recently been re-watching the Beverly Hillbillies. I'm actually in the middle of season two right now, I've been binging it. I actually watch that while I'm listing these books. 

So I'll be listing the Beverly Hillbillies while I post them. Makin' vittles! 

Vintage Disney's The Scarecrow Comic Book

picture of man holding comic with illustrations

I got a Disney's The Scarecrow Comic. This one is gonna be cool! 

I don't know why but, I hate horror movies. But I love horror comic books. 

Vintage Kool-Aid Comic Book

picture of man holding comic with illustration

Then I have this promotional ashcan comic of the kool-aid man I found that was a promotional comic book for Kool-Aid. 

Vintage 1978 Garfield Bean Bag Doll

picture of man holding toy cat

I found a bean bag Garfield. These are always fun to find for my collection. 

This doll is from 1978, it is one of the original ones. So it's a nice dense Garfield and it's got the plastic eyes. So this is like the "OG" Garfield of the dolls. 

And they did a really good job of setting it up to look like the very first Garfield comic strip with him just sitting there.

Vintage Johnny Paycheck Headshot Picture

picture of man holding picture of man

A few episodes back I sold the album "Take this job and shove it" by Johnny Paycheck

And here's an autographed picture of Johnny Paycheck I found!

Vintage Peanuts Jigsaw Puzzle

picture of man holding box with illustrations

I got some Peanuts puzzles with different drawings of the comic characters on them. 

I like to get them because Peanuts drawings are always just a fun thing to have.

Vintage Walt Disney Picture Puzzle

picture of man holding box with illustrations

I also got an old Walt Disney picture puzzle. This is one where they show the characters doing the puzzle and the picture of the actual puzzle that you're putting together is a small image. 

I find it so strange when they do that. It's like, just show the picture of the puzzle! that's what the box is for! 

Sesame Street Live In Concert Album

picture of man holding record album

I got some albums including this Sesame Street Concert on Stage Live album. Seems kind of like they're overstating it. 

Harajuku Snoopy Town Towel

picture of man holding towel with illustrations

I want to say this is a dish rag maybe? Either way, it's still neat. It's actually a little bit more felt-y than towel-y.

Those are some of the vintage things I collected today

So those are some of the things I got today. I wanted to go over some of the few things that I found while rooting around in different people's houses today.

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