Oz, Humpty, and Goose Oh my! What I Got! Tom Ray's Pop Culture Roadshow

I go out hunting for vintage pop-culture items to add to my collection

I have three places to hit today looking for vintage pop-culture toys, games, and books to add to my collection.

So let's see what I ended up getting from the sales I went to!

Holly Hobbie Metal Trash Can

picture of man holding tin with illustrations

At the first place I went to, I walked into the garage and saw this Holly Hobbie trash can. I wanted to say dustbin that's what they used to call them but I guess you would say it's a trash can. 

A few vintage board games

Razzle Board Game

picture of man holding box with letters

I got Razzle from Parker Brothers

Aggravation Board Game

picture of man holding box with text

I got this Aggravation board game. That's a very elaborate way to write that on the box here. And look at the happy family playing this game. 

Can't Stop Board Game

picture of man holding box with a stop sign

I had this game in my collection once before. It's called can't stop, can't stop, can't stop! Right? 

I don't know much about it because when I got it last time it sold right away and I didn't have time to research it. So we'll see if I have the same problem this time.

Probe the game

picture of man holding a box with text

Here is the game Probe. You got little things that you flip over to show the probe cards to choose.

45 RPM Record Carrying Case

picture of man holding record case

Then I got a 45 RPM record carrying case. You used to be able to carry around your 45s in these. You'd get a box and arrange them. It's kind of like how you used to have those books that you keep your CDs in that would be in your car. The same concept for 45s only this one's got alphabetization dividers in it. 

And I think that's everything from the first place I went to.

Humpty Dumpty, Mother Goose, and Wizard of Oz Place

The second place that I went looking for vintage stuff for my collection was 30 minutes out of town. It was filled with Humpty Dumpty, Mother Goose nursery rhyme and Wizard of Oz themed things. 

I'm not kidding! 

In the entire place, there wasn't a section that didn't have something that had to do with Humpty Dumpty, Mother Goose, or Wizard of Oz.

Humpty Dumpty Digest Magazines

picture of man holding book with illustration

I picked up a whole collection of Humpty Dumpty digest magazines which is kind of like stories, illustrations, and activities that kids could do. You could subscribe to the magazine and they'd send them every month. 

Kind of like Highlights magazine if you remember that. 

The illustrations in it are really cool! It's a lot of two-color two-tone illustrations which is the reason that I liked it. 

Wizard of Oz Children's Book

picture of man holding book with illustration

I got this hardcover Wizard of Oz book that is a condensed version of the story for younger readers.

Humpty Dumpty Metal TV Tray

Picture of man holding tray with illustrations

Got this Humpty Dumpty TV tray. It's one of the lap-sized ones. There were three of them and they were kind of in bad condition. So this was the only one I got that kind of seemed like it worked and wasn't all dented up. 

Humpty Dumpty Frame Tray Puzzle

picture of man holding puzzle

Here is a Humpty Dumpty frame tray puzzle of him falling off the wall. 

I mean that's really all he did, isn't it? 

Wizard of Oz Movie Puzzles

I got 3 Wizard of Oz movie puzzles.

picture of man holding box with image

This one is a scene from the movie where they meet the cowardly lion that has the actual characters from the film.

picture of man holding box with image

Then we have a Wizard of Oz puzzle of the characters going down the haunted forest way

picture of man holding box with image

Here we have the tin man, the cowardly lion, and the scarecrow dressed up as the monkey battalion people. 

Vintage Holiday Stencils

picture of man holding page with illustrations

I found a packet of stencils from 1958. It's a bunch of holiday stencils inside this really cool envelope. The envelope's actually cooler than the stencils. It's got some old script writing stencils and objects to draw like, Merry Christmas, and mistletoe and all that it goes inside this easy-to-use stencil package. 

Humpty Dumpty Doily Pillow

picture of man holding pillow

I found this Humpty Dumpty doily pillow. It's got the fairy tales and all that kind of stuff embroidered on it. 

Jon Gnagy Drawing Outfit Set

picture of man holding box with illustrations

So a couple of videos ago I had an old drawing book by Jon Gnagy. It taught you how to drawfrom the 1950s. One of those drawing books showing you shading and the different tools that you need like a blender and a kneaded eraser and all that stuff.

But I remember these here, it is the actual learning to draw set-up. They call it an "outfit" which i think is weird. It has all the stuff that you need with the book in it. So that was kind of a neat find!

And that's the stuff that I got today!

So there is a look at some of the vintage and pop-culture items I added to my collection today.

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