Why Milton Bradley Made Easy Money instead of Monopoly?

Did Milton Bradley make Monopoly?

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I have this 1974 version of this game in my collection.

Milton Bradley created a game called Easy Money that came out in 1935.

It came out a few years after Monopoly did and Parker Brothers filed a lawsuit against Milton Bradley over this game.

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Like Monopoly, the game is based on The Landlord's Game, in the movement of pieces around the board, the use of cards, properties that can be purchased, and houses that can be established on them.

The creator of Monopoly first took the game to Milton Bradley and attempted to sell it as his personal invention. 

They rejected it. People told him it was too complicated and too technical and it took too long to play.

But after shopping it around more Parker Brothers decided to produce the game and released it.

So Milton Bradley created a competitor to the game called Easy Money. Oddly enough their game was, complicated and technical and took a while to play. Go figure?

picture of card with text and illustration artwork

The end result of the Parker Brother lawsuit for Monopoly and Easy Money? 

So Milton Bradley made a deal and changed the game up.

The game does play differently after the lawsuit. The Monopoly game has some different rules and a lot of people actually like the Easy Money game better than Monopoly because they say it's more balanced and fair.

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