Old 60s paintings, toys, books and more! What I Got! Tom Ray's Pop Culture Roadshow

Look what I found while I was out hunting for vintage pop-culture items to add to my collection

I ended up going to two out-of-town sales today that looked like they had neat stuff and it turned out they did!

Let's take a look at some of the things that I added to my pop-culture collection.

Okay so first of all before we get started we got these two giant paintings and they kind of looks like something that would be in the background of the show Dark Shadows or any sort of 60s vampire movie.

Carmen painting canvas print by Barbara Weber

picture of man holding a painting

Here's the one that I liked. A painting by Barbara Weber. It was part of a series based on Carmen.

Autumn Leaves painting canvas print by JH Lynch

picture of man holding painting

This painting is called "Autumn Leaves" by JH Lynch. It looks like some 60s late-night horror movie sort of vampire woman thing to me and I love it! 

Garfield Mini-Puzzle 1978

picture of man holding puzzle box

Here is a small Garfield puzzle that has an illustration of the newspaper cat on it of course.

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Transformers Choose Your Adventure Book

picture of man holding books

They had a really weird selection of books. One was a Transformers choose your own adventure book. 

And another book called "Beware of the supernatural". 

Vintage Illustrated Children's Joke Book

Picture of man holding book with illustrations

This really cool illustrated joke book from the 60s has fantastic illustrations in it.

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Vintage Tab Cola Glass

Picture of man holding glass

They also had stuff like this old Tab Cola glass. But it's an hourglass shape because Tab Cola was a diet drink and this is supposed to be like you losing weight in the middle.

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Blatz Beer Hanging Rotating Lamp Sign

picture of man holding sign

The thing I was most excited about was this Blatz beer hanging light lamp. 

i didn't have a chance to test it out but they say it works. it lights up and spins. It's got a spinner inside here like a motor. 

One side says "Smile you've got a blast beer coming" 

The other side says "The hardiest of the light" Wait... Blatz is a light beer? That's kinda what it sounds like they are saying.

Budweiser Wall Sconce Light

Picture of man holding lamp

Then I got a Budweiser wall sconce light that actually attaches to the wall. 

It has a switch on the back and lights up. There is a little wall attachment for it too.

Vintage Disney Lady and the Tramp Doll

picture of man holding stuffed animal

I got a stuffed Lady and the Tramp doll with the old Disney Parks tag on it.

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7-Up Uncola Glass

picture of man holding glass

A vintage 7-up uncola glass where they did the thing where the glass is upside down. The marketing concept was that it's not like any other cola. So they made an upside on glass because normally the glasses were made the other way. 

Vintage Gold Key and Whitman Comics

picture of man holding comics with illustrations

I did get a few comic books. Hot stuff, Little Dot. I like the Harvey-type comics and the Bugs Bunny comics.

I think I've mentioned this before in some of my videos but for some reason, these are the type that I like to collect now. I don't go for the superhero ones anymore. I have enough of those. I collected those when I was in my teens and in my 20s. 

For some reason, the ones from when I was a child I really like to collect now. 

That's what I got!

So that's some of the exciting stuff that I got and added to my vintage pop-culture collection today.

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