Vintage Children's Books, toys, and more! What I Got! Tom Ray's Pop Culture Roadshow

I'm going to take a look at some of the vintage pop culture and all-around retro stuff that I got today. 

Retro Children's Stool - Dalmatians and Firetruck

picture of man holding green stool with illustrations

We've all had a step stool growing up. I swear everybody's had one. you get it to stand on while you brush your teeth or whatever. 

I found this one today and it's got a little fire truck on it dalmatians driving the truck. Maybe they're in a dog world? Who knows?

Mr. Peanut Ornaments

picture of man holding figurines

I got not one, but two Mr. Peanuts. They are ornaments. I'm not sure why they're ornaments? They're fantastic though. They can actually stand so they don't have to be ornaments. But if you choose to do so they are ornaments. 

Vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy Books

picture of man holding books with illustrations

I have two hardcover stories of Raggedy Ann and Andy. I've had some in the past, these are reprints from the 1960s. But the ones I've had before were actually from the early 1900s. One is the classic Raggedy Ann drawings like the original story. The Raggedy Andy one's more of the modern 60s version.

Vintage Chipmunk Song 45 Record

picture of man holding record sleeve with illustrations

I also got some more 45 records. 

One I got is The chipmunk song - We wish you a Merry Christmas. Which oddly enough doesn't have a picture of the Chipmunks on it. But it's the Chipmunk song. 

Vintage Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 45 Record

picture of man holding record sleeve with illustrations

Then one more 45 record I got is Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I just really liked the artwork on this one. And I liked the fact that all these 45s had really good sleeves. 

Vintage original Clue Game

picture of man holding box with text

This is a game that I took a chance on. It's an original Clue detective game. So this is a really old version of clue. It's got the candlestick, gun, the knife, the pipe, and there's a piece of string in here that is supposed to be the noose. It doesn't have the game board it's just the cards so you do it by theory. That's kind of sweet! I've never seen that before. 

Vintage Walt Disney Donald Duck Shape Book

picture of man holding book with duck on it

I got this Walt Disney Donald Duck illustrated children's book. It's still got the original Shopko tag on it from 1979. I love the artwork inside this book! 

Vintage Richard Scarry An Animals' Merry Chrismas Book

picture of man holding book with illustrations

A Richard Scarry book called The Animals' Merry Christmas. Richard scary went from doing more no outlines, sponge, or painted sort of art style and then eventually went into outlined artwork. I like the early ones like this where everything kind of looks like they're cutouts. 

The Easter Bear Children's Book

picture of man holding book with illustrations

This book is The Easter Bear. This absolutely looks like when OG Readmore used to do the ABC Television storybook shows. That show where they'd have an actual storybook episode and sometimes they would be cartoons or sometimes they'd be live-action. This totally looks like that kind of artwork. 

I also got this Mr. Mouth Game. This is the game where you got the guy here his head opens up he spins around and you take the hands and you flick these coins in his mouth.

That's what I got today!

There we go! That is all the stuff that I got today!

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