What is a children's book collector called?

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What is a book collector called?

I've never really had to find a word that encapsulates what a book collector is. I've always found it pretty simple to just say "I collect books" or "I'm a book collector". 

But if I needed to have a sciency word for it? Apparently, the actual definition of a book collector is depending on your attachment to books or children's books.

What do you call someone who loves children's books?

First, the love of books is called bibliophilia, and it's someone who loves to read, and admire books.

Someone who collects children's books?

And a person who collects books is often called a bibliophile

Meaning being overly devoted to books or a bookman, which is another term for a person who loves books. 

I don't know why, but all these sound perverted. So, I'll just stick with book collector personally.


Should I become a children's book collector? 

So I didn't really start out as a book collector, it just became the thing that I gravitated towards while I was collecting vintage toys and games.

I actually originally wanted to just collect toys. But the illustrations in books that I found, always got me really excited and I would just start buying more and more of them.

There's a difference between just buying books and book collecting?

There's a difference between a personal library and having an actual book collection.

I've picked books up because I like having them around. Then I find more. 

And to justify it I will sell some of those books because I've realized as I've gotten better at going out and seeking these books I can find another one. Sometimes, it's even in better shape than the previous one I owned.

Also, selling them helps justify my book collection personally. And to tell you the truth, the hunt is almost just as fun as collecting books itself!

I'm not really into collecting rare first editions, but when I see them, it's pretty satisfying.

My biggest thing, I get books that I have a connection to. Even though I sell them I really don't want to. So I will ask for a bigger price, hoping someone won't buy it. 

Oddly enough? That usually works in my favor and then I'm kind of bummed when it actually sells.

How can I start collecting books?

How can you become a book collector? Well, my advice is -- personally, I'm pretty cheap when it comes to collecting books.

I try to hunt out places that not only have a bunch of children's books but ones that interest me.

One good place to start oddly enough is an antique store. Along with children's books in these stores, which are usually pretty reasonably priced, they will have a bunch of expensive stuff in the store that is really fun to look at as you are hunting for your books to collect. So it's always nice to go visit there and make a day of it.

The reason the books are cheap in antique stores is the vendors usually just sell them because they're decorative. 

Then, of course, other great places to find children's books for your collection is to keep an eye out for garage sales and estate sales.

That's really it

The only thing about doing it this way, is the results are very random. But for me, that's actually part of the enjoyment is the hunt! 

And over time, you'll find a much more eclectic collection of children's books. And also more knowledge of places where you can repeatedly, go look to add to your collection.

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