That toy that attached to your bike handle to make it sound like a motorcycle from the 1970s

 What was that toy from the 70s that you put on your bike to sound like a motorcycle?

I asked myself that very same question the other day. And I almost thought I was making it up in my head the more I thought about it.

Then I found the commercial on YouTube

It was called R-R-R-Raw Power. And yes the extra "R's" are part of the name.

1975 R-R-R-Raw Power Bicycle Handlebar Commercial Video

The commercial starts and the narrator says:

"R-R-R-Raw power!

Your bike can have the cycle sound with R-R-R-Raw power!

It fits on most handlebars and makes the sound of R-R-R-Raw power!

R-R-R-Raw power! The motorcycle sound from Ideal"

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You can hear in the commercial the sound was more of a "whirring" sound like a wind-up race car but still pretty cool for a kid.

picture of boy on bike with text
R-R-R-Raw power print ad from the Plaidstallions blog

You would actually pull the grip off of your bike handle and slide this grip on it that had a big plastic noise maker box on it on your handlebar.

I want to say I remember they didn't really stay in place as a bike grip so you had to be careful with it.

I've tried searching for them on eBay but have never found them. I'm sure it's because they were all used until they broke! 🤣

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