That Duncan Yo Yo with the green jewel from the 1970s

In the late 70s to early 80s, the Yo-Yo got a brief resurgence with Yo-Yo trick competitions touring the US. So to try and capitalize on that popularity Duncan Yo-Yo introduced The Duncan Jewel.

The Duncan Jewel Yo-Yo

The Duncan Jewel was a Yo-Yo with a green jewel in the middle.

It was actually a throwback to a wooden Yo-Yo they released in the 1930s with a row of 4 clear jewels drilled into them.

Here is the commercial transcription:

"Wow! Look at that!

It's the Duncan jewel.

Watch Gus Samara do the brain twister. 

And here's Duncan's famous Imperial.

Don Townsend makes the man in the flying trapeze look easy. 

And with the Duncan butterfly, you can learn to rock the baby like Duncan professional Laura Lynch.

The jewel, the Imperial, the butterfly. They're all Duncan's and you know Duncan means yo-yo."

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