The story of Chip and Dale. The characters not the dancers

What I learned about the Disney characters Chip & Dale

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What is the origin of Chip and Dale?

Chip and Dale first appeared just as nameless Chipmunks in a 1943 Pluto cartoon called Private Pluto.

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It was part of one of those wartime cartoons that all the studios were making. In the story, The Chipmunks attempt to use a Canon as a storage unit for their nuts. And Pluto tries to stop that.

Why does Dale have a larger red nose?

This idea was suggested by a story artist at Disney named Bill Henson

Originally the two characters had the same colored noses but as a way to tell them apart Chip was given a black nose and Dale was given a red nose.

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This also enhanced Dale as the silly dimwitted one.

In the original cartoon, they were virtually indistinguishable.


Are Chip and Dale brothers?

Bill Justice who was the creator of the two characters confirmed in his autobiography that Chip and Dale were little brothers.

Why did Disney create Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers?

The Disney channel resurged in popularity when in 1989, the success of DuckTales and the creation of "The Disney Afternoon" gave way to their own TV show. 

They needed more shows to create and thus Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers was born!

The series premiered on the Disney channel on March 4th, 1989. After the episode catteries not included aired on August 27th, 1988 as a preview.

The series continued in September with a 2-hour special that was later divided into five parts to air as part of the weekday run.

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