Vintage Treasures From Strawberry Shortcake to Pink Floyd Posters - What Sold!

I take you on a journey through time as I explore some fascinating items sold from my online store. From quirky records to memorable books and unique toys.

First up, we delve into a rare find from the disco era—a Strawberry Shortcake live album from 1980. While it may sound like a charming children's story, this album is actually a live disco performance. Imagine the high-pitched voice of Strawberry Shortcake singing disco hits for 30 minutes straight!

Next, we explore two delightful books from the 1970s. "Nibbler," a charming children's book from 1973, features a lazy bunny who loves to eat and relax. Alongside it, we have "Big Bird's Busy Book" from 1975—a Sesame Street educational book filled with activities and lessons featuring beloved characters from the show.

We also take a look at a unique antique toy—a box of animal whistle pencils. Each pencil is topped with a wooden animal figure that doubles as a whistle.

For Disney fans, a Christmas decoration featuring Mickey Mouse. This plush toy, dressed in a fashionable sweater and riding a sled.

Another quirky item is a Precious Moments pepper shaker. This figurine features a child and two animals and it's a pretty big vessel to hold pepper

We also feature a vintage activity book from 1957 titled "Barrel of Fun." This book is filled with riddles, mind tricks, and engaging illustrations that make learning fun for children.

Finally, we wrap up with a Pink Floyd promotional concert tour poster from the late 1970s to early 1980s. This poster features the band members' images in a unique square design.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just love a good story, this episode is packed with fascinating insights into the world of vintage collectibles!

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