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What Pop-Culture Stuff sold today

Hey! I'm just checking out some of the vintage and retro stuff that sold from my collection today.

Novelty Tourist Beach Man Candle

picture of wax sculpture of a man

First up is an item that I found. A novelty tourist beach man candle

Boxer shorts with hearts on them, socks, and sandals, and he's got like one of those Monty Python handkerchiefs tied around his head. It's just really neat! it's a candle and one of those candles where if you burn it that's going to be kind of morbid because his head will just kind of slowly melt. It's even got a little patch of hair on his chest.


Vintage Richard Scarry Best Word Book Ever! Children's Book

picture of man holding a book

Next up is a large Richard Scarry book called "The best word book ever". This is a revised version and inside is the alphabet and it tells you different things throughout the day that the character has, uses or does. It shows by examples with random words next to these little drawings of each of the characters. It's like something you would draw in your own sketchbook. This book is a reprint from the 1980s of the 1963 book.

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Vintage Cuddle Head Dolls

picture of man holding dolls

I have two Cuddle Head Toys. These are baby head toys called Cuddle Head Toys. There's a series of them and the ones I got are blue. It has a plastic baby head and the eyes look like they should be one of those eyes that close. But they don't.

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Vintage Book Saggy Baggy Elephant

picture of man holding book

Next, I have a golden book for the story The Saggy Baggy Elephant. This one is from 1969. The reason I know that is when I look at the inscription on the inside somebody put a date of 1969 on it. Sometimes what happens is these are reprints and it'll say the original print version date inside. But on the back of the book, it has Huckleberry Hound on there and that came out when television started so it's not from 1947 like the title page says. But I know at the very least this book was gifted in 1969.

Vintage Fisher-Price Radio Music Box

picture of a toy

I also have this tiny little Fisher-Price Music Box. When you turn the wheel right there it plays a song. The back has the teddy bear's picnic nursery rhyme on it and that's the song that plays. When you turn the knob it shows the three teddy bears picnic illustration above the dial and it's from 1952. 

Vintage Lucy Peanuts Doll

picture of doll with red dress

I have this lucy doll from the peanuts comic strip. People really like these and this is Lucy wearing a red dress which I don't think Lucy actually wore a red dress it was blue. So this has a red dress with blue highlights.

Pokey Figure from the Gumby Show

picture of orange horse toy

The last item that I have is from my loose figures bin. It is Pokey from the Gumby show. Now I know Pokey spoke but I can't think of how the voice sounded right now. I want to say that it was a high-pitched voice maybe? But this is from the Gumby show and the figure is bendy. It's got the wires inside so you can pose it. 

And that's what sold!

So that's the stuff that I'm sending out to people today.

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